At Financially Speaking, Inc., we want to do more than help you build wealth; we want to help you live a richer life. Your financial circumstances and goals are individual to you, and our investment management and financial planning services are customized to your unique objectives and needs.

At Financially Speaking, Inc., our clients benefit from:

Unbiased Financial Advice

As a fee-only financial advisor, we do not sell anything or receive commissions, thereby avoiding potential conflicts of interest. We are not compensated by particular investment companies and are therefore not encouraged to use specific products. We have no allegiance to anyone other than you.

Real Results

Like many advisors, we use stocks, ETFs and mutual funds to design your portfolio. However:

  • Our active management style is a dynamic approach that enables our investment strategy to change with market conditions.
  • Our Investment Committee’s expertise and decades of experience result in innovative, customized investment portfolios.
  • We consider many factors, such as market conditions, the economy, international elements, politics and trends, and work within your personal risk tolerance to maximize returns.

Life-Simplifying Services

The services we provide allow you to focus on your life while we take care of your financial needs.

  • We educate you on optimal strategies for saving, building wealth and reducing debt, and make it easy to start progress toward your goals.
  • As your life shifts, we guide you to solutions and then facilitate any changes to your accounts, investment strategy and overall financial plan.
  • We help minimize your tax burden by working directly with your tax professionals.
  • We streamline the estate planning process for you by working directly with your attorney.